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Located in the very famous arcade of Grand Hotel, M. Walter's & Co. is one of the oldest Jewellery stores of Kolkata, specializing in Diamond jewellery.

Located at The Oberoi Grand Arcade, Calcutta. M Walters & Co Jewellers

Just short of a century ago, M. Walter's & Co., was established in Calcutta to promote the city’s outstanding ability in designing and making exceptional masterpieces of art in

Calcutta became Kolkata but M. Walter's & Co. continued to preserve and uphold its tradition in the form of Enameled, Gold, Kundan, Diamond and Precious Stone jewellery in a vast array of exquisite designs and fine workmanship, quality and reliability which have always been its trademark and hallmark.

Our very talented team of designers and craftsman understand how jewellery complements a woman’s beauty and they work together to achieve the highest standards of innovative designing and perfect craftsmanship.

At M.Walters, every customer is treated like family and we do all we can to make your preferences our priority!

We, at M. Walter's & Co. extend an invitation to you to journey through our collections of unique jewellery which is sure to create awe and charm your heart and soul.

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