Introducing C³ Diamonds for the first time in India

M.Walters Introduces CDiamonds in India

CDiamonds stands for Cali, Cut, Colour Diamonds, is a brand of SKSM Diamonds Impex who cut and process rough diamonds, and are based out of Surat. C3 Diamonds is not just another brand in the world of natural coloured diamonds; it is unique because it involves a highly scientific and highly accurate process of cutting. Its “cut” has been patented in India, China, Hong Kong, USA, Thailand and several European countries.

 C Cube Yellow Diamonds by M Walters Jewellers Kolkata

The specialised cut throws out a superior colour and lustre, giving it a far more valuable look at a lesser price. With its beautiful invisible setting diamonds, the small diamonds combined look much bigger; hence it is much lighter on your pocket as well.


Little did we know that diamonds come in colours other than white. Diamonds are known to be in Pink, Blue, Yellow, Red, etc., which are far more precious than the regular white diamonds we’re used to seeing.  Such fancy colours would generally be consumed in markets outside of South Asia but now, M. Walters & Co. in association with SKSM Diamonds introduces these fancy coloured diamonds for the first time in South Asia.


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