Know Our History

Our past, present and future!

M. Walters & Co. established in 1920 as a watch manufacturer and jeweller during the British rule in India was run by Mr. Max Wecksler, a Lithuanian Jew residing in India. He invented plastic protectors for wristwatches against sweat that had a big sale in Calcutta. M. Walters & Co became popular with people of Calcutta and earned a big goodwill for itself as it was one of the first jewellery stores in Calcutta to specialise in precious stones.

The Mehta connection?

In the 1940s, Mr. Rasiklal Ratanlal Mehta was the first to come to Calcutta. He started out in the diamond business by setting up a small office in Bartala street, followed by a showroom at J.L.Nehru Road. In 1952, Mr. Rasiklal Mehta bought M. Walters from its owner, but never changed the name keeping in mind the goodwill of the Company and begun his golden era in diamond business from this very shop in the Arcade of Grand Hotel!

Over the years, the Queen of Tripura, Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur , Maharani of Gwalior, The Royal Family Of Nepal & Bhutan, Maharani of Purulia, and many more have been our legendary customers. The business was carried on through the generations, each one striving to be better than the previous.

After all these years of pure dedication to our customers M. Walters is nearing its 100 years in diamond jewellery business. Today, we ask for your complete support and faith to take this name even higher in the world of jewellery making.